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at night

New Zealand Burgers, local craft beers, and beachin’ times.

Part of the San Diego based NZ Eats Family of restaurants, Raglan Public House was opened in 2012 in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego.

We specialize in New Zealand inspired 100% Organic, grass fed beef burgers, handcrafted entrees, and the best craft beer and cocktails available in San Diego.

We are committed to the highest level of guest service, quality ingredients and sourcing locally and sustainably as much as possible. Raglan gives you a great feel for the attitude and uniqueness of the Ocean Beach Community while holding on to our NZ burger joint roots.

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A few yanks visiting Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand stumbled on to a very different, very unique burger at an institution called, Fergburger.

The Fergburger philosophy was simple, organic beef, sourced from the cattle that graze on the grassy hills just out of town. Buns from the local baker, made fresh daily. Handmade cheese delivered from a local artisan, and produce from the farm picked that morning. Paired with unique, homemade sauces, and a great attitude. 

New Zealand is pure, honest, and enjoyable. From its breathtaking natural beauty to a kind, warmhearted community who enjoy laughter as much as a good pint. And the food, which is always local and simple, is respected and valued as part of nature’s gifts.  

Inspired and assisted by Fergburger, we brought the quality, love, and spirit that Ferg put into their brand back to the states and created NZ Eats in San Diego.

Our little kiwi family of restaurants includes Bare Back Grill in Pacific Beach, Queenstown Public House in Little Italy, Raglan Public House in Ocean Beach, Dunedin New Zealand Eats in North Park, and Queenstown Bistro in La Jolla.

We hope that we can share some of New Zealand with you.   

Kia Ora!


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