1851 Bacon St, Ocean Beach, CA 92107
Tel (619) 794-2304
Hours Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm Sat-Sun: 9am-11pm

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About Us

Welcome to Raglan Public House!

In a land Down Under… on the preferred and more heavenly blessed, East side of Down Under, a few not so pretty and sophisticated Yanks were tramping about New Zealand jumping into any activity of outdoor fun they could dig up between rounds of pint plunging.

Late one evening, after another accomplished night of touring the local pubs, they stumbled upon a small burger kitchen in a back alley. After taking their proper place in the generally tipsy “queue” and sharing some laughs, desperately needed burgers were at last ordered.

Upon receiving their burgers, as culturally lacking Yanks, they inquired as to whether the establishment had ketchup for the burger. Without hesitation and prepared for such ale-induced comments, they replied, “I got ketchup, try the burger, Mate”. Not understanding this new local language, or the change we received, we blurted back, “We’ll try the burger, but you do have ketchup right?” A final reply was returned with a chuckle and shake of the head “Just try the burger, Mate”.